“Broadway caliber voice.”

"...wonderful interpretations of Yiddish songs..."

Enhancing the appeal are solos by the singer and guitarist Lisa Fishman.

Lisa Fishman expertly sings and plays the guitar ..."

“...Lisa Fishman as the beautiful singer with the voice of an angel.”

“Lisa Fishman heartily sings a collection of songs from the Yiddish Theatre."

"...golden-voiced Lisa Fishman..."

"...the dynamic Lisa Fishman."

"...Lisa Fishman as the lovely, lilting Jewish chanteuse.”

“…especially to a lovely young cabaret chanteuse.  The singer, played by Lisa Fishman, is the only woman in the cast.  Fishman’s apple-blossom beauty doesn’t call attention to itself, but look and you’ll see it.  Modest, shy, virginal, put her on that tiny ghetto stage, give her a song to sing, and wait for magic that never fails.  When she becomes a chanteuse she’s dynamite.”

“…and the songs of troubador Lisa Fishman went a long way in keeping the mood between plays.”

"...and her Yiddish performance of “What a Wonderful World” provided the tenderest moment of the evening.”

The pieces were skillfully bridged by musical interludes, well sung by Lisa Fishman, including a Yiddish rendition of “What a Wonderful World.”

"Lisa Fishman, the beautiful singer…”

"Lisa Fishman moves comfortably from fleshy and flirty to tragic and tortured, ably delivering songs… with fabulous dancing, top-notch singing, and powerful acting.”

“The incredible voice of Lisa Fishman was a definite highlight of the evening."

“…a knockout singer!  Lisa Fishman carries the musical load with her flexible, expressive voice.”

“Lisa Fishman is a standout as the songstress,... Fishman is a pained beauty whose musical interpretations seem to well-up from an innermost place.  Fishman’s rendition of ‘Be Still’ is nothing less than stirring.”

“Two actors who stood out among the cast were… and Lisa Fishman (Khaele).  Fishman, the only female in the cast, sang most of the musical numbers, incorporating French, Yiddish, and Hebrew very beautifully.”

"Vocally astonishing."

“Fishman has a powerful voice and knows how to sell a song."

"...sung with bravado by Lisa Fishman...emotionally stirring moments.”


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