With influences in folk, rock, jazz, blues and theater, singer-songwriter Lisa Fishman has been described as "Carole King meets Bette Midler."  Lisa's eclectic, original tunes run from jazzy, heartfelt ballads to rocking country-tinged songs to comic pieces like, "Boys Like Bitches." With a powerhouse voice and a background in musical theater, jazz, folk, and cabaret, Lisa touches and entertains audiences with her clever and inspiring songs and her deep ability to connect to her audience.


Music video for the original comic tune, "Boys Like Bitches:"

Music video for original tune "Exactly As She Is"

- a ballad about wanting to be loved just as you are...


A video montage from acoustic, solo shows in Los Angeles.

Includes clips from original tunes: "Sunday Night Girl," "There's Something 'Bout That Kinda' Guy," "Running Out of Time," "Boys Like Bitches," "Baby, It's Not Too Late," "Somebody To Love" (cover tune), Mr. Husky Eyes," and "She's Not As Cute As Me (And She's Getting All The Guys)."

All songs written by Lisa Fishman, except "Somebody to Love" by Freddie Mercury. Copyright 2010 Lisa Fishman.


A music video for the original (sad!) Christmas song, "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me:"


Performing original blues song, "Tie Me Down:"


Performing the bawdy original, "There's Something 'Bout That Kinda' Guy:"


Music video for original jazzy tune, "Little Dream of Mine:"

Performing the original bluesy tune, "Mr. Husky Eyes:"


Performing the comical original, "Sunday Night Girl," a song about wanting to be asked out on a date for Saturday night!

Lisa Fishman on Youtube (Click on the link below):